Contract Carpet or Vinyl For Commercial Buildings

Over the years, several carpet substitutes have emerged, including low-cost and high-end vinyl. When it comes to decorating your commercial property which is better, contract carpets or vinyl? Contract carpet and vinyl both have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore it’s worthwhile researching and comparing flooring to find the right match for your business.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a synthetic flooring material that is long-lasting, inexpensive, and simple to install. It is frequently mistaken with various other forms of flooring, including linoleum and laminate. Luxury vinyl tiles and planks are becoming widely sought after due to their adaptability, resistance to moisture, and authentic wood plank and stone tile design.

Contract Carpet

Even though vinyl is available in a huge range of designs, contract carpets are also a versatile and stylish flooring choice. Contract carpets have a higher stitch count and shorter piles than typical domestic carpets. This means that they do not crush down under the pressure of heavy footfall which results in a longer lifespan for the flooring.

There isn’t an answer as to which flooring is better or which one you should choose as it’s solely down to personal preference, footfall and where the floor is located. Here are the pros and cons for each to help you pick the perfect flooring for your commercial space.

Why Choose Vinyl Floor?

If you flinch at the prospect of cleaning, vinyl flooring is definitely for you. It’s easier to clean than a contract carpet and is entirely water-resistant, making it the ideal choice high traffic places and office bathrooms. Places such as receptions, entryways and bathrooms will get dirty quickly because they tend to be the busiest places, so having flooring that’s easy to upkeep will be important when choosing the right floor for your commercial building.

On the flip side, if there are any scratches or grooves, they will be pretty visible. Also, when completely worn, the entire floor will need to be replaced. Vinyl planks are an exception because they are not glued down. You can individually pick out the plank that needs a little TLC or replacing, without removing the entire floor.

The benefit of luxury vinyl is that it can mimic the natural look of more expensive materials like stone, wood, and tile. Therefore if you’re after a more luxurious look, luxury vinyl can achieve that. Developing technology has made it almost impossible to distinguish between various materials.

You can also simply replace vinyl flooring by putting other flooring over it. This makes it an excellent choice if you like to evolve your space as the business changes.

Although carpet is unrivalled in terms of comfort, you do have the option to install vinyl over a foam floorboard improving its softness.

Why Choose Contract Carpet?

Contract carpets are resilient if properly cared for, but they do stain easily, making them less durable than vinyl. If you lay carpet in high-traffic areas, make sure you get a heavy-duty grade. A brand’s longevity can be determined by its label, which includes a star grading system.

A great feature of contract carpets is that they are slip resistant. This means they work great in public places which experience high traffic. For businesses, the last thing you want is slip hazards in your workplace and contract carpet can combat this risk.

This flooring solution is available in a variety of colours, patterns and textures including fine ribbed, cut pile or heavily ribbed carpets so you can ensure that there is a carpet solution for you. Additionally, carpet creates a welcoming ambience in your work area. Contract carpet is typically the most comfortable flooring option which is why it’s a popular choice in schools.

However, due to dyeing and tufting technologies, there are certain restrictions to enjoying unlimited textures and colour options. Carpet selections with more colour options tend to have fewer patterns to pick from and vice versa.

To begin your flooring project, or to discuss our flooring solutions further please contact our expert team who will be happy to assist you with all your flooring needs.

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