Best Flooring Options to Transform your Garage

25th November

Contrary to popular belief, planning for garage flooring is just as important as planning for your home.

Long gone are the days when the garage used to be a boring and outdated space in your house. Besides a great storage unit, the garage is a multi-functional space that you should be eager to show off to your guests and that is worthy of your attention. When entering and exiting their house, 55% of homeowners do so through their garage doors, according to a Chamberlain Group study.

Due to the heavy vehicle movements and the occasional oil spill, the garage flooring can get damaged easily, hence why it’s important to choose the right type of flooring that can withstand any weather and it is resistant to stains.

To make your job easier, we’ve included our top flooring choices to transform your garage having in mind a high durability, aesthetics and resilience:

  1. 1. Concrete flooring

 One of the most durable and resistant flooring types for your garage is, undoubtedly, concrete flooring. Due to its high resilience, the concrete flooring can resist under pressure, is stain-resistant and can support heavy vehicles.

In addition, a high-quality concrete flooring can last for decades and provide you with a maintenance-free garage, taking all your worries away. While the harsh exterior might initially put you off, you’ll be pleased to know that a polished concrete surface can still look visually pleasing and add a note of elegance to your environment.

2. Carpet Tiles

If you want to bring a bit of warmth into your garage, then carpet tiles are a popular covering option. However, carpet tiles are best suited if you have a low traffic garage and you don’t use it for a lot of maintenance jobs.

This versatile flooring solution not only offers comfort, but convenience too as the need for underlays is eliminated thanks to the tile’s self-adhesive and pre-backed surface which can be installed directly onto the subfloor.

Another advantage of carpet tiles is that they require little maintenance and in the case of damage, the tiles can be replaced individually without the need to pull up the entire floor.

  1. 3. Vinyl Flooring

While not suitable for garages with a heavy traffic, vinyl flooring has flexible and comfortable tiles that are a great option for normal garages. Similar to carpet tiles, vinyl flooring requires little cleaning and is low maintenance, making it an ideal choice that can enhance the look of your space.

Vinyl floors are available in light, medium and dark shades as well as white, grey, black or natural wood tones with sheet versions which are cushioned, or tile versions too making this flooring solution an incredibly versatile one.

4. Plastic Tiles

If you’re looking for a flooring that is easy to install, plastic tiles are another popular choice that can stand up to very heavy weights. The garage can have a lot of oils and chemicals, making plastic tiles a good choice as they are very easy to clean and maintain.

In addition, they come in a variety of sizes and colours, thus making it easier to show off your personality through your flooring design.

Are you ready to take your garage to the next level? No matter your flooring project or your budget, we will have a product to suit so get in touch with our team today and let’s get started.