Caring for Your Wedding Venue Floor

01st June

Luxury country houses, halls and restored barns are some of the most popular wedding venues. These idyllic venues often have beautiful architecture, intricately detailed interiors and an impressive dance floor space, making them the perfect place to say, “I do”.

If your business or premises is one of these fantastic wedding venue spaces, then there is plenty to think about when it comes to caring for your floor, including…


A wedding is a time for loved ones to come together and celebrate so, not only will you have high traffic walking across your floor in the form of hundreds of guests, but you’ll also have them letting their hair down and throwing some shapes on the dance floor. Therefore, your floor needs to be strong enough to withstand the high amount of traffic it will see night after night, wedding after wedding.


A wedding is the perfect opportunity for guests to get dressed up and enjoy themsleves, and ultimately this is something you can’t avoid as a wedding venue. What you can try and avoid however, is damage occurring to your floor. With spilt drinks, stiletto shoes and moving furniture, it’s likely for some sort of accident to happen on that dance floor that could result in you having to fix it. By ensuring your floor is well maintained at all times, with the right finishes for it, you will minimise this risk of damage occurring.


Now, we all know that after a few drinks it’s very easy for injuries to occur but the last thing you want is a wedding guest becoming injured as a result of your floor, and not through self-infliction. If your floor does become damaged, as mentioned above, and you don’t work to fix it or maintain it correctly, trips and falls are likely to occur, and you’ll be the one to blame.


We know ourselves that practicality comes first before aesthetic when it comes to a floor, but that doesn’t mean it’s appearance needs to be compromised. Ultimately, hundreds if not thousands of pictures will be taken of your wedding venue, at all angles. Should your floor be marked or dirty, or even not suit the décor of the wedding, this will be flagged on all the photographs. Ensure that your floor is as clean as possible, and also fits in well with your venue interior.

Wedding venue floors can begin to look tired sooner than normal floors, as a result of high traffic they face. If your wedding venue floor needs a refresh then get in touch with us today as we specialise in commercial flooring maintenance, restoration and installation.