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Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are an attractive and hardwearing product that is available in a variety of pile constructions, textures, colours, patterns and designs. Carpet tiles are designed specifically for aesthetic and performance benefits which is what makes them a superior choice for many businesses.

This versatile flooring solution not only offers comfort, but convenience too as the need for underlays is eliminated thanks to the tile’s self-adhesive and pre-backed surface which can be installed directly onto the subfloor.

What are the benefits of choosing carpet tiles?

  • – This versatile flooring solution not only offers convenience, but comfort too.
  • – Carpet tiles also require little maintenance which is what makes them such a popular choice for many businesses and commercial properties. A regular vacuum is all that is needed to keep carpet tiles looking great. If the carpet does become damaged at all or stained in a particular area, the tiles can be replaced individually without the need to pull up the entirety of the floor.
  • – As carpet tiles can be installed over timber and concrete, they can withstand a high amount of footfall too which is why they tend to be installed in public places like airports and libraries.
  • – Carpet tiles are also becoming increasingly popular within offices, as the installation of individual tiles allows for creative, patterned designs to be achieved which can then in turn match the branding of a particular business or be a fantastic way of incorporating colour into a workspace.


Our knowledge of flooring comes from our extensive expertise as well as our impressive track record. We will work with you from the initial design of your carpet floor, right the way through to the installation so if you’re looking to install carpet to your business or commercial property then get in touch with us today.