Your Commercial Flooring Checklist

10th May

Before you begin a flooring project, you must first be aware of any requirements you and your business needs, whether these be legal requirements or just aspects like the aesthetic and design. We will help you every step of the way with your flooring project, however we don’t recommend you go in blind.

That’s why we’ve created a checklist of all the things you need to think about in the decision-making process.

Health and Safety

The biggest thing to think about is the health and safety of your business as employees, customers and visitors all need to be protected. That’s why you must identify all the health and safety hazards that could potentially arise.  The key factor is the slip rating of the floor. If you work within a business that may be prone to spillages, like hospitality, then you want to ensure you install the correct floor with the right properties to suit this.


The biggest impact point of flooring is the footfall that it sees. If you work in retail, you will more than likely have many different people visiting on a regular basis, so you must ensure that your flooring works for this. If your business uses heavy machinery you will need a more durable flooring option which won’t crack. Consider the footfall of your business by working our who is using the space, when they’re using it and how often they’re using it.


A big factor that many businesses forget to consider is noise. Manufacturers may have an acceptable noise barrier of which they cannot cross, and some flooring may echo and cause the noise level to rise above this. Retailers should consider noise as one of their main priorities as there is the likelihood that clattering wheels on a ceramic floor will annoy customers when shopping and staff during their working day.


You should always think about how regularly your floor will need cleaning, which is again down to the amount of footfall you have as well as the industry you’re in. The type of cleaning required is also important as if you need to use certain chemicals to ensure it is germ-free, like in healthcare businesses, then you may have to look at flooring types that won’t be ruined by this.


Although it’s not a legal factor to consider, the look created by your flooring can have a huge impact on your business. The flooring must not only compliment the décor of the business, but also be aesthetically pleasing and right for you.

Whatever your flooring project and whatever your budget, we will have a product to suit. Make sure you make the right choice when it comes to your flooring by choosing Mayfield Floors. Get in touch with us today.