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Contract Carpet

Commercial flooring is the most used surface in any communal area like a corridor or office hallway, and it has to withstand heavy foot traffic daily whilst also maintaining its appearance. Contract carpet is the ideal solution for this as it not only offers outstanding performance and durability, but it can also be a creative and stylish flooring solution that can maintain its appearance thanks to its hardwearing properties.

Contract carpets have a higher stitch count and shorter piles than typical domestic carpets. This means that they do not crush down under the pressure of heavy footfall which results in a longer lifespan for the flooring. As a result, many industries like healthcare, education, hotels and retail units opt for contract carpet as their flooring solution.

What are the benefits of contract carpet?

  • – Contract carpet is easy to maintain, and simply needs a regular hoover in order to keep the surface clean and tidy, as opposed to constant thorough cleaning that other flooring solutions require.
  • – It also has a non-slippery surface which ensures you keep both employees and customers safe at all times with a minimised risk of accidents occurring. Not only this, but contract carpet also has a soft cushioning which is why it is great for use in schools if a slip or trip was to occur and also makes the flooring more comfortable and safer to walk on.
  • – They provide warmth meaning that they’re actually a cost-effective method to keeping a room warm as less heat is needed however this versatile flooring solution also allows for underfloor thermal heating to be used with it if required.
  • – This flooring solution is available in a variety of colours, patterns and textures including fine ribbed, cut pile or heavy ribbed carpets so you can ensure that there is a carpet solution for you.

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