Geometric Floor Patterns: Why are they Appealing?

18th November

In the past few years, geometric floor patterns have become a huge trend. Whether it be a bold, bright and striking pattern or a more subtle, soft approach, geometric patterns combine colour, creativity and fantastic design that can truly transform a commercial space. But what else is it about geometric floor patterns that make them so appealing?

They’re (almost) limitless

It’s true that a range of materials can be used to create an effective geometric floor. When you combine this with the impressive designs that can be created, and you’ll soon realise that the possibilities are almost endless. There’s traditional Victorian floor tile aesthetics, modern patterning that provides a quirkier look as well as hexagon designs which add interest and symmetry to even the smallest of spaces. 

They’re Unique

In business, it’s all about competition and so it’s no wonder that so many businesses are choosing bespoke geometric flooring patterns in order to make their premises stand out against the rest. Patterned flooring can either be a subtle addition to a room, or be bold and bring an area to life, it all depends on your personal preference and it’s this that takes geometric floor patterns to a unique level.

Brand Reflection

Not only is geometric flooring used to make a space stand out, but it can also be used to incorporate a business’s branding into the building. Many businesses with a key focus colour in their branding choose to incorporate this into their flooring in order to have a strong brand identity running through the premises.  Check out our previous blog on how colourful flooring can transform your office to understand why so many brands are choosing to do so.

Wondering how geometric floor patterns can work for you?

You may be thinking that this style of flooring is too bold for you, but this is where you are wrong. When paired with clean, whitewashed walls, geometric patterns and herringbone floor tiling in particular, can look incredibly stylish, and may potentially suit your business rather well.

If you’re still unsure on how you can incorporate it into your own business, then be sure to get in touch with us today. Our expert team are more than happy to discuss what can work for you, helping you get your dream floor and desired look for your business.