How to Keep your Office Floor Clean

10th March

Spring is here and you know what that means… spring cleaning time.

All throughout winter, commercial floors take a battering from snow, ice, dirt and rain that is traipsed in by shoes which can soon result in a floor looking tired and worn away. Sometimes, it simply isn’t enough to give your floor a quick hoover or a mop; your floor might really need some good TLC.

Below, we’ve got all the methods and tips you need to clean the different flooring types within your office.

Vinyl Floor

Vinyl floor is known for being fuss-free and low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid giving it a thorough clean. You should regularly be sweeping or gently vacuuming your vinyl floors to clear away top surface dirt, but every four to six months we’d recommend you have a deep clean.

There are many different options when it comes to deep-cleaning vinyl flooring. The first is to strip and wax, where the vinyl is stripped away and recoated with four to six coats of wax.

Scrubbing and re-coating the floor is a similar method to the above, but it is much more cost effective and requires less effort too! The first few layers of wax are removed with two coats before then being reapplied.


Simply hoovering isn’t enough to keep your carpet clean, especially if it’s in a communal space with lots of people passing over it. Dirt and germs love to hide within carpets, and while a quick hoover may get rid of solid dirt, it won’t kill those pesky germs. You don’t want your employees to be getting poorly either so a deep clean is needed. Make sure you move furniture and office equipment, as cleaning around these can lead to eventual discolouring of your carpet. Shampooing your carpet with the correct equipment is the best option to keeping your carpet as pristine as possible.

If you’re looking to have your office floor replaced, or you’d simply like a little more help and advice when it comes to the maintenance of your flooring, get in touch with us today.