How to Maintain Flooring During Winter

21st November

Whether you recently invested in a new flooring project, or you’ve had your flooring for a while, it is vital that you keep it well maintained at all times. This is even more important during the winter season and here’s why…

The Problem:

With winter comes ice and slush that sticks to footwear and damages floors. What starts off as an icy footprint on your laminate floor will soon melt and leave behind a puddle of water that can cause serious damage as laminate does not tolerate moisture well. This is due to the fact that the high-density fibres absorb water rapidly leading the flooring to swell which causes irreversible damage.

The Solution:

Make sure you have a doormat both inside and outside the front door. This way, any excess ice that has not been removed from outside will be absorbed by the mat inside, acting as a second barrier. Whilst it is important to quickly mop up any water be mindful of mud from slush as too much moisture from wet mop can combine with the mud and cause more damage. We recommend using a dry wipe, like a piece kitchen roll, to clean mud before mopping up any excess moisture.

The Problem:

Christmas is an increasingly busy time for retail and the heavy footfall can soon have an effect on commercial flooring. Not only will this wear the surface of the floor down, but it also means damage through water (as mentioned above) is at an increase too.

The Solution:

You should always have your floors professionally cleaned using the correct equipment. Any high-quality microfiber mop will ensure that dirt particles are trapped, as opposed to being pushed around the floor. Soft-bristled vacuums also work well to clean any debris from wooden flooring, whilst dry mops create an attractive shine which is why they are retailer’s preferred choice. Ensure the flooring in your business is at an incredibly high standard. This way, the flooring is less prone to damage through heavy footfall.

Here at Mayfield Floors, our flooring products come from our considerable supplier base, making them incredibly high quality. This combined with our ‘can-do’ attitude means you can rely on us to create the perfect flooring project. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.