How to Protect your Flooring this Christmas

08th December

As the year draws to a close, many of us await the exciting holiday season which is the perfect opportunity to reunite with our family or have friends coming over to our house to celebrate. While a joyous season, Christmas doesn’t come without its challenges and between house cleaning and cooking, it can easily become a stressful time.

When it comes to cleaning, you’ll have to pay some extra attention to your flooring during the holidays. With your family and friends coming over, you’ll have more foot traffic than usual that can affect or even damage your flooring. In addition, dirty shoes can leave behind scuff marks and the snowy weather can become a regular nuisance if you don’t look after your flooring properly.

Regardless of the type of flooring you have, it’s important to use high-quality cleaning products and know how to protect your flooring from any unwanted damage or expensive alterations.

We’ve put together our top tips on how to prevent any flooring disasters and take the right precautions to protect your flooring during the festive period:

  1. 1. Set some rules for your guests

Wet shoes can be a threat to your flooring, hence why you should set some basic rules for your guests once they arrive at your front door.

For instance, you can kindly ask them to use the doormat and to remove their shoes once they step into the hallway as that will help keep the snow and mud away from your home.

2. Prepare a cleaning emergency kit

If you’re hosting the Christmas dinner or have a lot of people to your house over the holidays, you should be prepared to tackle any holiday setbacks.

Water is one of the biggest hazards for hardwood flooring, so you should make sure you are prepared to deal with any unexpected spills. If any of the kids are spilling their drink on the floor or on the new carpet, the cleaning emergency kit will come in handy. You can include a floor cleaning spray, some paper, a carpet cleaning solution and some microfiber cloths in your kit to ensure you remove any excess moisture as soon as possible.

3. Use slippers

Let your guests know in advance that you’d like them to wear slippers inside your home so they know what to expect. They can either bring their own or you can hand them out if you already keep a supply of slipper socks in your shoes drawer.

4. Vacuum regularly

During this time of the year, vacuuming is essential in order to keep the dirt away from your home. If you have any pets or kids, regular cleaning will help avoid any permanent stains on your floors or carpets.

After a big event, you should vacuum your rugs and doormats to make sure you leave your house spotless.

5. Use rugs in high-traffic areas 

High-traffic areas such as the kitchen and hallway should be prioritised as that is where the floor can get easily damaged. To prevent that, you can place rugs strategically in the house to protect your flooring from getting scratched and add an extra layer of comfort in your home.

If your flooring has become damaged in any way and you’re wondering what to do next, you can get in touch with us here, where we’ll be happy to answer your questions.