How to recycle hardwood floors and carpet

18th March

Getting new floors for your new home or renovated property is always an exciting step in your house makeover, however, what do you do with your old wood floors you’re tearing out?

Recycling is a simple and cost-effective option that helps preserve the natural resources of our planet and the raw materials. Contrary to popular belief, you can recycle your old wood floors and as a result, you do your bit in helping to protect the wider environment. Wood is a highly recyclable material, hence why you can always bring it to your local recycling facility instead of throwing it in the bin.

To mark Global Recycling Day, we’ve highlighted our top tips to recycle or reuse your hardwood floors or carpets to ensure you become more sustainable and protect our planet:

  1. 1. Reuse the wood for other home projects

If you’re passionate about DIY, then a good idea is to reuse your wood flooring to improve your house. Wood planks can be used for a variety of projects, such as creating new bookshelves, countertops, a ‘Welcome’ sign on your front door or even use them as picture frame for family photos.

No matter the type of width of the wood, you can often find it’s more useful to repurpose it for other projects to enhance the look and feel of your home environment.

  1. 2. Donate your hardwood flooring

If your floors are still in a good condition, why not donate them instead of throwing them in the bin?

There are many non-profit organisations or fellow homeowners building their houses who will be looking for good flooring at a reduced price, therefore, they will be looking to pick up your old floors.

In addition, you can sell your floors on Facebook Marketplace, where your friends and connections will be able to see it and take your wood floors off your hands.

  1. 3. Recycle your carpet

If you’re looking to recycle your carpet, then you can use the remnants as insulation around pipes or in basement, thus saving on your energy costs. If you like to spoil your furry friends, then your old carpeting can be used as a new addition to their beds.

Alternatively, old carpeting can come handy if you’re working in the garden or you want to prevent indentations in the new carpet, as it can be used as cushions to protect your furniture.

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