New Year, New Floor: 5 Reasons to Invest in New Flooring for 2020

07th January

It’s a new year (and a new decade!) and time to make some New Year resolutions. If one of your resolutions was to give your businesses building some TLC, or simply to just renovate it slightly, why not start with the flooring?

Here’s 5 of our best reasons as to why you should invest in new flooring this new year…

  1. A Fresh Start

With the new year comes lots of changes. Your business may be having a rebrand, you may want to renovate the office to accommodate new employees starting or you may just simply fancy a change. Installing new flooring can completely transform a space, after all your flooring is one of the first things people will subconsciously notice as they enter the building, and first impressions count!

  1. Prevent Injuries

It goes without saying that if your flooring is becoming old, frayed or chipped that it needs replacing anyway but some people underestimate just how important replacing this is. If you wait to replace your damaged flooring, it will only become worse and soon, you may find yourself with an injured customer or member of staff, and a pretty hefty bit of compensation needed too.

  1. Happier Employees

When the environment your employees are working in is furnished and modernised, they are much more likely to be happier at work and therefore more productive. Your employees spend a lot of their time in the same building, so it’s important that the flooring affects their mood and performance in a positive way. The colour of your flooring has a significant impact, and you can learn more about why in our blog here.

  1. Impress Visitors

You may have people visiting your business on a daily basis and you will certainly want to impress any of these guests as they enter. Stylish and modern flooring makes a massive difference to any business. If you have stained, worn out flooring, you are only giving off the impression that you don’t care about the appearance of the business. Change this before it’s too late by updating your flooring and giving it a more modern feel.

  1. Easier to Clean

Older flooring requires more maintenance and cleaning, in order to get it to look it’s best. If you’re spending hours on end trying to clean your flooring, it may be time to replace it with newer flooring that requires minimal maintenance, as new flooring is actually designed and installed a much higher quality than it used to be.

If you’re set on transforming your business with some new flooring, make sure you get in touch with us. We will help you with the whole flooring project from the design, to the products and the installation.


"As someone who has worked with the team for nearly 3 years, I can and do recommend Mayfield Floors 100% for any contract flooring. Great set of people, values, processes, “it just does what it says on the tin”!"

M. Loynd