New Year, New Floor: Why You Should Restore Your Floor This New Year

04th January

With a new year comes new changes and new resolutions to be made. Often, people use this time as an opportunity to completely be rid of something in their lives and to replace it.

The same can be said about flooring, often we see people wanting to install a completely new floor to their business or commercial property when in reality, restoration would be the better option. Here’s why…

A Fresh Start

Everybody wants a fresh start in the new year, and when it comes to flooring, many believe the only way to successfully do this is by ripping out the old floor and completely replacing it with a new style or design. Restoration of wooden/timber flooring can still transform a space entirely, as it restores the floor to its natural beauty, giving it a whole new lease of life. With restoration, different varnishes can be chosen to add a splash of colour back into the flooring or to bring out a natural shine, therefore appearing like a new floor entirely.

Cost Effective

Maintaining your floor through restoration is a great way of transforming your space for a significantly lower price. As the floor is already down, there is no need for any removal of the floor, sub floors or laying the floor itself. All that is required is a simple restoration using our highly advanced technology. You’ll also save money in the future too on maintenance fees that would be required on an older floor that hasn’t been restored.

Less Work Time Required

Restoring a floor could be the perfect solution for those businesses who are still feeling the impact of 2020’s events. Businesses like hospitality who have suffered a great deal may be ready and raring to open again as soon as they’re allowed and won’t want to have to lose any more business due to being closed whilst their new flooring is installed. Through restoration, there is a significantly less amount of work time required.

You can find out much more about our timber floor restoration service here, or simply get in touch today to transform your floor.