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Timber Floor Restoration

Mayfield Floors are pleased to announce the addition of Timber Floor Restoration to the range of services offered.

Commonly known as hardwood floors or engineered wood flooring, timber flooring is a product manufactured from timber, constructed with more than one layer of wood. This flooring is a product of nature and the construction consists of three parts: top, core and bottom.

While highly durable, this floor is susceptible to inevitable wear and tear over a long period of time which can cause further damage and detracts from the natural finish of your floor. Many believe that once scuffs and scratches appear in the floor that they must replace it however it is possible to restore timber flooring to its original beauty without the need for an entire new floor.

How is Timber Floor Restored?

The process of restoring timber floor includes sanding, sealing and re-polishing. Not only can this restoration provide a new lease of life to an otherwise older floor, it can also protect your flooring for many more years to come.

To restore the main floor, we use the Lagler Hummel belt sanding machine: the best-known floor sanding machine in the world. This powerful piece of technology combines an aggressive sanding drum, three-stage drum pressure regulation and belt tensioning device with integrated automatically regulated belt guidance with works quickly, with optimum sanding quality. The HUMMEL is extremely economical and has an impressive working quality with optimised dust extraction.

To sand edges, we use the Lagler Flip which provides maximum efficiency for perfect, comfortable sanding of edges and corners without shoulders. The FLIP has the wood dust test quality mark, making it the only edge and corner sanding machine in the world to work almost dust-free.

For the finish, we use the Lagler Single: a single-disc sanding machine unlike any other on the market. This machines versatility allows for intermediate and finishing sanding, applying wood oils to freshly sanded floors or polishing and buffing with a selection of specifically designed floor pads.

What are the benefits of having Timber Floor Restored?

A simple re-polishing of your floor will restore it to its former state and in some cases, it will look almost new again.

It’s a cost-effective way of transforming your space, without the need for installing a new floor completely. It will also help you save on future maintenance fees.

It increases safety as if your hardwood flooring is splintering, it could lead to injuries to those using the floor. Repairing any damaged part of your flooring and refinishing it will prevent any accidents from happening.

Restoring your floor to its original state is a much more cost-effective and practical way of transforming both your flooring and the space it’s in. Should your flooring require us to install new flooring instead, this will be discussed after assessment of your flooring. To find out more about how Timber Floor Restoration could work for you, get in touch with us today.