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Safety Vinyl

Providing outstanding durability and slip-resistance for areas where extra protection is required, safety vinyl flooring is the ideal solution. For heightened safety measures, safety vinyl is also available in a textured version that increases slip-resistance for areas where bare foot or soft shoes are required.

Safety flooring offers a wide variety of options designed to suit your requirements in general areas and more extreme areas such as wet rooms, hospital wards, toilet areas and laboratories.

How is safety flooring installed?

Cap and Cove

This is where the vinyl is installed up the wall meaning water cannot escape, making it an excellent solution for hygiene ratings.

Sit on Skirtings

With this method, the vinyl is lay flat to the perimeter of the wall, and a PVC skirting is installed over the top.

Flat Lay with Sealant

This is the simplest way of installing safety vinyl. The floor is installed to the perimeter and then finished with a clear or colour matching sealant.

What are the benefits of safety flooring?  

Whilst the main benefit of safety flooring is its non-slip properties, there are many other benefits too.

  • – Anti-slip vinyl flooring is made from high-quality vinyl which is incredibly durable and can therefore withstand high amounts of footfall, with very little damage occurring.
  • – Safety vinyl is also beneficial to industries like hospitals, toilets, nurseries, kitchens and leisure facilities as it is anti-bacterial and very easy to keep clean.
  • – Thanks to its versatile design, safety vinyl can also recreate the look of solid wood or tiles, should this be required.


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