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Traditional Carpet

Traditional carpet is a more luxurious carpet solution and offers superb comfort as well as durability and aesthetics; making it an incredibly practical choice for many businesses.

What are the benefits of traditional carpet?

Naturally, many confuse traditional carpet with contract carpet, however there are an array of benefits to installing traditional carpet.

  • – Traditional carpet is much thicker than typical contract carpets and as a result, provides an extra layer of comfort and support. This is great if employees are stood on their feet for longer periods of times; like in retail.
  • – As well as providing a soft cushioning under feet, thicker traditional carpet prevents accidents and injuries occurring, making the area safer.
  • – Thanks to its luxurious quality, traditional carpet is commonly used in hotel settings or commercial properties as it creates a feeling of a ‘home environment’ for guests and residents.
  • – As with other forms of carpet flooring solutions, traditional carpet maintains a level of warmth within a room meaning it is a cost-effective flooring method as less heating is required.

Traditional carpet not only offers fantastic performance qualities, but with a wide variety of different colours, styles and designs available, you can be sure there is a carpet solution for you. Our supplier base sees us benefitting from strong working relationships with many of the world’s leading floor covering suppliers so get in touch with us today to begin your flooring project.