What are carpet tiles?

02nd June

What are carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are a resilient product that is available in a variety of pile constructions, textures, colours, and designs. Carpet tiles are designed specifically for aesthetic and performance benefits which is what makes them a superior choice for many businesses.

This multipurpose flooring solution not only offers comfort but convenience too. The need for underlays is eliminated thanks to the tile’s self-adhesive and pre-backed surface which can be installed directly onto the subfloor.

Carpet tiles are commonly in square cuts; however, they are available in alternate shapes such as hexagons and triangles. These more complex shapes will increase the cost of the product and the intricacy of the installation.

What location are carpet tiles best suited for?

Carpet tiles are often used in commercial and public buildings such as airports, offices, schools and libraries. As they are very durable, they make the perfect flooring choice for any location that experiences high footfall.

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They are becoming increasingly popular within offices as the installation of individual tiles allows for creative designs to be achieved. This can then match the branding of a particular business or be a fantastic way to incorporate colour into a workspace.

Any room that requires higher maintenance such as busy public spaces is a great place to install carpet tiles as their upkeep is very minimal. When the time comes to remove and reinstall your flooring, they are very easy to remove and place down again.

What are the benefits of carpet tiles?

Like any product, carpet tiles come with both negative and positive sides. But we want to share some of the positives and advantages of installing carpet times. Choosing carpet tiles for your flooring can really add to the design of your space and definitely tick off some flooring requirements you may have.


Carpet tiles can be a lot more cost-effective and save time in comparison to normal carpets. They are considerably easier to lift compared to heavy rolls of carpet, making the transportation and installation easier and quicker. Compared to wall-to-wall carpets they don’t require as much cutting and trimming. This means less product is wasted trying to navigate nooks and strange angles.

Easy to maintain

Maintenance is very minimal and customer-friendly, making it very achievable to amend personally without a professional fitter.

As it’s small in size, spares can easily be stored ready to replace tiles that are more damaged. Should you want to clean a tile specifically, its sticky back makes removing easy for a more detailed clean.


Carpet tiles can bring a room to life with its ability to create intricate patterns and designs. They were previously known as quite a corporate flooring choice, but as the design and colour range expand they are becoming increasingly more popular for a variety of industries and properties.

Our knowledge of flooring comes from our extensive expertise as well as our impressive track record. We will work with you from the initial design of your carpet floor, right the way through to the installation so if you’re looking to install carpet to your business or commercial property then get in touch with us today.