What are LVT’s?

06th September

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT’s) are an increasingly popular and affordable alternative to wooden or stone flooring. Despite looking exactly the same as wooden or stone flooring, LVT’s actually have more advantages, with hard wearing technology that means they’re ideal for thriving offices, restaurants, schools and shops with heavy footfall.

Yet despite their popularity, some still aren’t aware of their properties, capabilities and just how much they have transformed the flooring industry.

How are LVT’s made?

LVT’s are made up of at least five thin layers which are tightly compressed together, meaning the flooring is both flexible and durable. The top layer is a transparent protective coating which has scratch resistant and stain guarding technology. The layer beneath this is a designed layer of a high-quality photograph, which therefore gives the flooring the impression of either wood or stone. The rest of the layers are stabilising sheets of fibre glass, impact resistant layers and moisture resistant backing layers.

Why are LVT’s so popular? 

Recent years have seen a rise in the amount of people choosing LVT’s for their home, business or commercial property. Although LVT’s look the same as natural stone or wooden flooring, they are actually much stronger thanks to the wear and tear resistant layers and properties. What other properties does LVT have that makes it the first choice when it comes to flooring?


The many benefits of LVT’s mean that it can be used across many different environments, including; retail, hospitality/leisure, offices, education, healthcare and transport.

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