What are the benefits of Wall Cladding?

05th May

If you are unfamiliar with Wall Cladding, its purpose and its benefits, we’re here to educate you a little further on why Wall Cladding is a great piece of material and addition to your property.

What is Wall Cladding?

In short, Wall Cladding is basically an extra layer of material that sits on top of another. The method of layering materials on top of each other essentially adds an extra protection layer to your walls.

Typically used as a decorative feature to your walls, it is also a great hygienic wall covering that’s commonly used in industries such as medical, healthcare and food production, as unlike regular tiles, Wall Cladding doesn’t harbour bacteria.

Wall Cladding is a non-structural piece of material, so as well as adding an artistic element to your walls, it won’t affect the stability or integrity of your building and for the most part is a permanent addition.

What are its benefits?

Most Cladding has the ability to meet any of your design needs, available in a wide variety of both artificial and natural finishes such as, brick, wood, metal and stone. Being able to mimic any of these materials without completely knocking down your walls is a great advantage to installing Wall Cladding into your home or business.

Another great characteristic is it adds durability to your building. Whether it be exterior or interior Wall Cladding, having an extra protective layer over the material beneath it will act as a shield to your existing walls. Exterior Cladding can protect your building from strong winds, humidity, high temperature, rain, and other adverse weather conditions. Interior Cladding, if well maintained, will look as fresh as the day you bought it, as a material that is stain and scratch proof your home will continue to look in perfect condition without the need of constant touch ups.

Wall Cladding has many great insulation benefits. Adding a heat insulation layer to your walls will help prevent unwarranted heat absorption, saving you lots of energy eventually leading to lower electricity bills. Of course, with an additional layer to your walls you inevitably add sound insulation to your property as well, preventing external sounds from entering your building.

Wall Cladding is also extremely easy to fit. As the material is already so lightweight and manageable in size, you don’t require additional equipment or assistance to fit them. A great feature of most Cladding is its click together design. This means grouting isn’t necessary, removing the excessive drying time needed when installing standard wall tiles. Adding a range of trims once your Cladding is installed, will finish off the edges seamlessly. Regardless of how user-friendly installation may look, your results will always be unmatched when hiring a skilled professional.

To begin your project with us and find out how you can add Wall Cladding to your home or business, please contact our friendly team and we will be happy to assist you with designs, installation and costings.