What commercial flooring best fits my business?

03rd October

Have you recently considered a flooring upgrade but are unsure which type is best for your business? Here at Mayfield Floors, we have you covered with a range of recommendations suiting office spaces, healthcare facilities or even school buildings. Take a look at our top recommendations below.

Contract Carpet

If you’re seeking for a carpet that has staggering performance and durability to match, contract carpet should be your primary choice. Designed to withstand high-traffic areas, the strength of this carpet doesn’t compromise its overall look as its attractive finish ensures that is aesthetically pleasing.

We Recommend: Healthcare & Education

Rubber Flooring

Extremely hygienic, highly shock resistant and cushioned, Rubber Flooring is a perfect choice for any commercial business. Suitable for high traffic purposes, rubber flooring is naturally resistant to wear and tear, a fantastic investment for high-risk businesses.

We Recommend: Healthcare, Cafeterias & Sports Facilities

Safety Vinyl

Safety Vinyl can be used as general commercial flooring, but its main selling point is its effectiveness in extreme areas. Our Safety Vinyl have a lifetime guarantee of slip-resistant performance meaning you can rest easy knowing that your staff are well protected for any potential accidents.

We Recommend: Kitchens & Wet Rooms

Carpet Tiles

Most businesses want easy to fit, effective and inexpensive solutions to their flooring issues – step up Carpet Tiles! With their small size, carpet tiles are easy to install saving money on installations fees. Practicality and price aside, Carpet Tiles are also aesthetically pleasing, providing huge scope for design.

We Recommend:  Office Spaces, Exhibitions & Showrooms.

Wood Flooring

Nothing adds warmth and character like commercial wooden flooring. Designed to enhance the overall look of a room, this flooring can last for years to come if treated with care. It’s worth noting that this type of flooring is not suitable for commercial environments exposed to water.

If you’re planning your next flooring project and are unsure which flooring suits your business, Mayfield Floors offers you the benefit of considerable infrastructure, extensive expertise and a long and impressive track record to ensure your requirements are met. Get in touch with us to discuss your next project.