Why you Should Hire a Commercial Flooring Contractor

18th June

The installation of new flooring to a business requires not only a large amount of dedicating timing and planning but expert knowledge too. Without the right expertise the project may actually end up costing your business more or even create a potential hazard for both your customers and employees if not installed correctly. By hiring a Commercial Flooring Contractor, you eliminate all these possibilities, as well as bring some added benefits to your flooring project. Below, we’ve shared some of the top benefits.


There’s much more behind new flooring than just the installation. Due to their extensive knowledge, Commercial Flooring Contractor will work closely with you at the very start to assess what it is you’re looking for and what we can provide to suit your needs. This will give you a better idea of pricing as well as timing for your flooring to go ahead.


Detailed schedules will also be put in place to fit around you and your business’s needs, and all external factors that could potentially alter prices or times will also be noted and dealt with accordingly in order to keep you on track with your budget and schedule. Much of this you wouldn’t know or plan for without the extensive knowledge of a contractor.

Regular Site Visits

Once the installation has begun, a contractor will carry out regular site visits to ensure that the project is running to schedule and everything is going smoothly. Not only does this show their commitment to their work and their customers, but it also allows them to plan ahead and forecast any possible issues or disruptions that could occur.

A High Standard

By hiring a professional Commercial Flooring Contractor, you’re actually making a great investment as the flooring will be installed properly and completed to a high standard which could actually increase the overall value of the business’s property. Effectively you get what you pay for ensuring high-quality results.

If you’re looking for a professional Commercial Flooring Contractor who can do all of the above and work closely with you to ensure you get what you want from your flooring project, then you needn’t look much further. Begin your project now by getting in touch with us.


"As someone who has worked with the team for nearly 3 years, I can and do recommend Mayfield Floors 100% for any contract flooring. Great set of people, values, processes, “it just does what it says on the tin”!"

M. Loynd