How to Handle Heavy Footfall

09th July

As the school summer holidays approach, you’ll find more customers are lining the aisles of your shop or queuing to enjoy a meal in your restaurant. Although this is great for business, it’s not so great for your floor unless you’re properly prepared. That’s why we’ve gathered some top tips for you and your business to ensure you’re handling heavy footfall correctly, especially if you’re in the retail or hospitality industry.

Type of Flooring

As with any business, flooring is incredibly important however in industries like hospitality and retail it is vital to have the appropriate flooring in place as these industries naturally see a lot more footfall than others with both customers and staff being on the premises regularly. Heavy footfall can actually be quite damaging for your flooring if it isn’t the correct one for you and your business and so your flooring needs to be durable enough to withstand the traffic it sees. If you’re unsure which flooring is best for you, check out our previous blog ‘Which Commercial Flooring is Best for My Business’ here.


Not only does your flooring need to withstand the traffic, it also needs to be easy to maintain too.  At the weekends or during other peak times, you’re likely to find a sudden influx of people in your shop or restaurant at one time and so your flooring will certainly need cleaning with the correct solutions and even machinery. With more customers, you’re also likely to find that more spillages occur and so you need to ensure your flooring can deal with this and that you can act fast to prevent not only damage occurring to the floor but also any hazards that may occur from these. 


As mentioned above, potential hazards are increased when footfall peaks through high traffic, potential spillages or other accidents and so there is greater risk of injury to customer or staff. Make sure you have the correct measures in place like wet floor signs, taped stairs and marked exits but ultimately, it all comes down to having the correct flooring installed in the right places.

If you’re unsure which flooring is best for you, or you need some expert advice when it comes to flooring, get in touch with us today. Whatever your flooring project and whatever your budget, we will have a product to suit.