All About Commercial Kitchen Flooring

17th November

From high temperatures, regular spillages and heavy industry equipment sitting on top of it: commercial kitchen flooring goes through a lot daily.

Ensuring you have the right flooring for your commercial kitchen is essential, not only to your business and how it runs, but also to your employees who will spend a large part of their time in the kitchen. 

Why is Commercial Kitchen Flooring important?


Safety – you might not realise it, but your flooring can actually protect your employees. By installing the right flooring to the environment, which is already prone to spillages, you’re ensuring that it is slip resistant, limiting falls that can occur and injuries that could be made as a result.

Sanitation and Cleanliness – in today’s climate, it’s more important than ever that your flooring is hygienic, however when food is involved, this is even more essential. The right commercial flooring will limit microbial growth, prevent infection and will be easy to clean without wear and tear building from the harsh cleaning agents needed.

Comfort – your employees will be on their feet at all times when in the kitchen, so make sure your flooring is comfortable for them to stand on for hours on end.

Appearance – you might not think the look of your kitchen flooring is important but it creates the overall ambiance within the environment where plenty of your staff will be working, and it should also fit in with the rest of the interior for consistency throughout the premises.

What are the best types of Commercial Kitchen Flooring?


The two most popular choices of flooring for commercial kitchens are ceramic tile and vinyl flooring.

Ceramic tile flooring is a clay mixture that is formed into tiles. As well as being durable and able to withstand the footfall and weight above it, this flooring is incredibly easy to clean and is protected from wear and tear. Tiles can be replaced individually should they need to.

Vinyl Flooring are also durable and resistant to heat, water and stains whilst providing impressive versatility making them a popular choice as they can suit the interior of the rest of the business. They are also a much more cost-effective option and can be pre-treated for infection control and have minimal maintenance.

We know that working in a commercial kitchen can be a stressful job as it is, so don’t let your flooring cause any more stress than is needed. Get in touch with us today to discuss your next flooring project and what we can do to help you.