How Colourful Flooring Can Transform Your Office

08th August

Many offices are guilty of choosing neutral coloured flooring, in order to keep the space as work-focused as possible. However, in recent years, this opinion has become outdated as there is now a much larger focus on how a workplace can affect an employee’s wellbeing.

In fact, studies now show that colour can have a profound impact on employee’s moods and performance within the workplace. An easy way of incorporating colour into your workplace is through the flooring.

What are the benefits of using colour in an office design?

Colours directly affect our psychology and therefore the atmosphere of an office too. Some colours can even impact an employee’s performance, creativity and productivity. For example, using bland colours like white, beige and grey in offices can lead to employees being unmotivated or even experience feelings of sadness.

Which colours are best for my office?

The obvious answer is to choose the colour of your branding, or a colour that accompanies it well This way your office will be incorporating colour but still maintain a professional impression to visitors. If you’re still not sure on which colour, then here are the most common colour choices and the effects they can have:

• Blue: a calm and focused colour used to benefit employee productivity.
• Green: this colour reduces eye-strain and anxiety and is used in workplaces where innovation is required.
• Yellow: commonly used in creative workspaces as it is seen as optimistic.
• Purple: connotations of purple are royalty and passion.

How do I incorporate colour in the flooring?

You may choose to add colour to your office as an accent colour, instead of allowing it to be the main focus. This will make the pop of colour more subtle and not too overpowering, but still visible. An easy way of doing this is by choosing to install carpet tiles which allow for colours to be placed in different areas of the office. You could also choose to inject some colour through a patterned design, or the flooring as a whole if you really want to make a statement!

However you choose to add colour to your office, we’re here to help. Whatever your flooring project and whatever your budget, we have a product to suit so get in touch with us today.