Morecambe Bay Academy – Case Study

03rd August

Commonly known as hardwood floors or engineered wood flooring, timber flooring is a product manufactured from timber, constructed with more than one layer of wood. This flooring is a product of nature and the construction consists of three parts: top, core and bottom.

The process of restoring timber floor includes sanding, sealing and re-polishing. Not only can this restoration provide a new lease of life to an otherwise older floor, it can also protect your flooring for many more years to come.

Our flooring experts have recently completed a project based in Morecambe, where they had restored the timber flooring in the classrooms from Morecambe Bay Academy.

Timber floor restoration complete

Below you can find an overview of our latest flooring restoration project and what our clients had to say:

Client/ Project Name: Krol Corlett – Morecambe Bay Academy

Project Budget: £20,000

Project Timescales: Work needed to be Carried out on nights.

Project Location: Morecambe

Project Objectives: Restore Timber Floors in classrooms.

Work completed: 

Sanding off Existing Timber Floors

Application of Marldon Cerabase Primer

Application of Marldon Floor Lacquer

Project Outcome: The work needed to be complete during night works within a week each time.

What our client said: 

“The lads made a fantastic job of the floor, thank you.” – Gordon MacKenzie, Site Manager Krol Corlett



Restoring your floor to its original state is a much more cost-effective and practical way of transforming both your flooring and the space it’s in. Should your flooring require us to install new flooring instead, this will be discussed after assessment of your flooring.

To find out more about how Timber Floor Restoration could work for you, get in touch with us today.