5 Reasons Why You Should Choose LVT For Your Next Project

20th August

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are currently taking the flooring world by storm as it boasts several benefits for the commercial marketplace. Durable, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, LVT should be at the top of anyone’s list when considering flooring for office spaces or retail. Take a look below at the pros of LVT and why you should choose it for you next project.


It looks great and it’s affordable – with Luxury Vinyl Tiles you can have the best of both worlds. In comparison to real wood flooring, LVT is cheaper, but does not suffer in terms of quality.


Maintaining your LVT flooring is inexpensive and requires little effort. Manufactured from particularly robust materials, Luxury Vinyl Tiles are easy to clean and require little water and chemicals to maintain.


When considering your sustainability objectives, ensuring your flooring is environmentally friendly is vital. With LVT lasting longer than other types of flooring, it will reduce waste of flooring drastically.

Did you know Mayfield Floors are actively involved with Recofloor’s Vinyl Take Back Scheme? We recently received the Long Stand Service award at the Recofloor 2018 Awards Event at Anfield, take a look here.


As mentioned above, Luxury Vinyl Tiles require little upkeep and can withstand years of wear and tear. LVT’s are also flame and moisture resistant, meaning they are perfectly suited for environments with a large concentration of traffic.


With contemporary interior design fast becoming the norm for commercial spaces, Luxury Vinyl Tiles imitates other hard surfaces like ceramic tile and provides designers with unique choices. Extremely difficult to differentiate from hardwood flooring, this product provides warm visuals that resonate, so guests feel comfortable.

Are you looking to use Luxury Vinyl Tiles in your next project? Mayfield Floors provide and install quality LVT that are strong, comfortable and inspiring. Get in touch with the team by calling 0161 477 5580 or through our website.