The Importance of Your Floor’s Design

07th April

Your flooring if often not considered as much as other aspects of a room, but as an integral and significant feature of any space, we highly recommend that it should be. Whether it be hospitality or an office, the design of your floor can truly make an impact to your commercial space so here’s our reasons why you should pay closer attention to it. 

More than Just a Colour

When we think of flooring design, we instantly think of what colour it is however, there is much more to a floor’s design than this. For example, your flooring could be designed in order to provide the illusion of maximised space, making your business feel more spacious. Lighting is also considered during the design stage, looking at how the floor would perform against natural light within the space, in order to brighten it up.

Affects Ambience

Particularly when it comes to the hospitality sector, your flooring can affect your overall ambience. For example, flooring in a restaurant should be designed to have entrance matting to prevent dust and dirt travelling through the restaurant, and it should also have a visual impact against the tableware to provide the setting that diners would want to be in during their time in your restaurant. After all, your flooring covers the entirety of the restaurant so it’s important you focus on it.

Could Drive Away Customers

You might not believe it, but some flooring can actually drive away your customers if it’s not suited to your business. We don’t mean in the respect that a customer would see your floor, and dislike it so much they would walk straight out the door, but more surrounding what the flooring says about you. Just how your flooring affects the ambience of your space, it can also affect the connotations of your business. If your flooring design looks immature and is a little extroverted, clients and customers may doubt your professionality. If your design isn’t well thought-out, is rather bland and brings nothing extra to the space, they may think you don’t care enough. Ultimately, the design of your commercial space says a lot about your business so it’s important to not miss anything out of that process, even your flooring.

Ensuring your flooring has an effective design doesn’t come naturally to everybody but luckily for you, our team are more than experienced in the process. When you begin your flooring journey with us we will recommend the right products, colours and designs for your space so get in touch with us today.