Three Features to Look for in Retail Flooring

10th December

From Epoxy flooring systems to luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs), there are many differing flooring products used within the retail industry. Retail businesses need to take into consideration their customers’ needs and wants, as well as what is best for the business and the location it is in. Alongside this, retailers also need to consider if their flooring is… 


It goes without saying that as a retail store, you’re likely to see high amounts of daily traffic, so your flooring needs to handle this. You want to ensure that your flooring is tough enough to withstand this heavy footfall, as well as not become damaged quickly as this could then become a danger hazard for your customers and staff. Luxury vinyl tiles have taken the flooring industry by storm as they have proven to be strong enough for extreme high-traffic areas, making them the ideal fit for retail spaces.

Easy to Clean / Maintain

Accidents happen and it’s very likely that the flooring of your retail space will experience some spillages day to day. Whether it be a customer dropping a drink, a product containing liquid leaking or breaking on the shop floor or even just water traipsed in from outside, retail flooring needs to be easy to clean and maintain. That’s why you rarely find carpet in a shop, as any of the above could stain a carpet and potentially ruin the aesthetic. Also, most shops are open every day and so finding the time to clean the whole floor can be quite a task. With vinyl or wood flooring, it’s easy to clean the surface. Specialist machines can be used daily in large stores to clean flooring, or if you have a smaller space you simply need a damp cloth and a brush to remove any surface dirt of dust.

Smart Appearance

Retail flooring should always be more reserved, in order for the products available to stand out and capture the eye of the potential customer. You don’t want bright, harsh colours that may potentially be an eye-sore. Wooden flooring can be a great choice for this, as it can truly transform the look of a retail space with its natural finish, as well as look more luxurious. Rich wooden flooring is commonly used in high-end retail stores for this reason.

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