Why Your Business Needs Entrance Matting

15th July

You might think that the current floor within your business works fine as it is, but what many businesses don’t know is that entrance matting has a whole heap of benefits that can actually make quite a big difference to your whole flooring project.

It Stops Dirt and Bacteria Coming In

Around 85% of soil enters a building via the shoes of those who are visiting. In fact, it isn’t just soil that enters the building but other forms of dirt and even bacteria that is stuck to the bottom of your customer or visitor’s shoes. Having an entrance mat on arrival will prevent this being spread across your floor and potentially cut down your costs on cleaners too, as you’re stopping the problem in its tracks.

Reduces Hazards 

Similarly, entrance matting reduces the chance of your customer having a slip or fall as it prevents water or ice from the outside being spread across the floor and causing a hazard to both themselves and other customers. No matter what time of year you’re having your flooring installed, it’s important that you have your entrance matting ready for the colder months as the majority of workplace injuries occur from falls due to ice that has melted on the floor and become a slip hazard.

Keeps the Rest of Your Floor in Better Condition

Whilst stopping dirt and water entering your business is great for everybody’s safety, it also prevents your floor becoming dirty, damaged, faded or frayed. Installing an entrance mat will extend the lifespan of your flooring as it minimises the need for maintenance to the rest of your flooring. Replacing an entrance mat is much more convenient and cost-effective than having to replace your flooring as a whole. 

Gives a Good Impression

Entrance matting comes in all different shapes, sizes, colours and designs that can all provide a great first impression for those entering your business, as well as enhance the overall look of your flooring. It also creates a more professional image, showing customers and staff that you care about their safety as well as the look of your business.

If you don’t yet have entrance matting installed at your business, or you’d simply like to change up your current entrance matting then be sure to get in touch with us today.


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